Robert Drysdale responds to Gordon Ryan’s accusations and more…

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Recently, BJJ Legend and ADCC Champion, Robert Drysdale has been caught in the center of controversy surrounding his participation in a fixed match during the 2007 ADCC absolute semifinals against then teammate Andre Galvao.

Drysdale went on to submit legendary BJJ Champion, Marcello Garcia in the finals destroying Marcello’s dreams of becoming the second grappler in history to win all eight matches by submission in a single ADCC tournament.

The troubling topic of “fight-fixing” re-emerged following an Instagram dispute between current NOGI champion, Gordon Ryan and Drysdale regarding a video post on Drysdale’s page that the King deemed disrespectful to his team, DDS (The Danaher Death Squad).

ADCC event coordinator Mo Jassim and several other high profile BJJ personalities have chimed in on social media to give their views on the match.

…so the Aces BJJ Blog decided to give Professor Drysdale the opportunity to explain the serious allegations brought against him -in person- in our most recent episode.

After listening to his testimony and story you be the judge and let us know in the video comments.

[…this story is continuing to develop and we will update here as it develops…]


Prof Mikal Abdullah is a father, husband, US Army veteran, and 1st Degree BJJ Black Belt who is also the founder of Aces Jiu Jitsu Club facilities and this sweet Blog. Prof Mikal is a huge nerd, loves coaching and sharing BJJ with anyone he can and pointing a spotlight on how we can improve as a sub-culture on and off the mats as much as he likes strangling his friends.

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