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The Aces BJJ News Team has once again braved the gaping maw at the end of the combat sports world to bring you the very best updates from this wonderful world of violence. We’ve crossed the globe thousands of times over because our dear readers deserve nothing less than the best-curated content blood and loose teeth can buy. It’s a thankless job, but with all the fantastic mayhem we get to sit ringside for, I never hear many complaints. So, what happened this time?

This week’s edition of the Aces BJJ News Roundup is a slow-burning fuse leading to a massive explosion. MMA fans the world over held their breath Saturday morning as the uber stacked card of UFC 261 inched closer and closer. Rose Namajunas made headlines with her out-of-character racist remarks to her opponent and then-champion, Weili Zhang. We had the highly anticipated rematch between welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, and journeyman contender turned fan-favorite Jorge Masvidal. And if those two weren’t enough reason to swoon, we had the likes of former middleweight champion Chris Weidman and Ultimate Fighter 17 runner-up Uriah Hall rounding out the undercard.

It was a weekend of debauchery and mayhem. People got a choice; a spectacular MMA bout between two giants in the sport and a complete inbred boxing catastrophe between two non-boxing trash talkers. If that wasn’t crazy enough, we had a scheduled fight end via TKO….at the weigh-ins. Join us as we inch closer and closer to the eventual heat death of the universe in this, the latest edition of the Aces BJJ News Roundup!

A crazy time to be sure. 

Today we’ll cover the recent Askren/Paul boxing event on Triller, the Stephens/Klose face-off assault, and the diamond in the rough that was the Gastelum/Wittaker bout. So let’s jump right into it, gang!

Salutations, dear readers! It is I, Kevin B., Emperor of the Forgotten Wastes and Champion of Blue Belts Who Get Fat. I’ve traveled far and wide through the lands of açai and shakkas to bring you, yes YOU, the very latest news from the world of combative floor hugging. All of that dynamite data is then cold-pressed and wrapped in a bow to make the final product: The Aces BJJ News Roundup!

There are fools and jesters abound in this edition of the Aces BJJ News Roundup, and our entry into April has little to do with it!

We had a blast with all the juicy combat sports goodness this week, including an absolutely stacked UFC card with the heavyweight belt changing hands, and it looks like next month will only get crazier. Craig Jones and former world champ Gabi Garcia’s much anticipated intergender match has been postponed due to a few logistical factors. Still, the SUG crew filled the gap with an incredible show of their own. Mason Fowler defended his title, and his dynasty continues to build.

Laughs were had, tears were shed, limbs were broken. So let’s get into it!

Spring is in the air, the cold tendrils of Winter retreating as the flowers finally bloom all around us. This time last year, we might have been training for tournaments or just getting back into BJJ when the world started to shut down in full. Since then, we’ve lost friends, businesses, and countless days on the mat. But we’re still here, baby. Despite it all, we bounced back and now get to bask in the warm summer sun. Martial arts is here again, and so is all the news. 

So it’s time for a slightly sappy edition of the Aces BJJ News Round-Up, y’all! 

We got some brand spanking new Gordon Ryan news, as well as the always exciting F2W. We also cover the incredible fundraising efforts of a BJJ comic artist in the face of unspeakable tragedy. 

Strap in for a bumpy ride gang. This one’s a doozy. 

Billy Hong of Immortal Choke Combats Racism 

In the wake of last week’s tragic Atlanta shooting, which took the lives of six Asian American women, calls to examine the massive amount of racism against Asians in America have sounded far and wide. One of those voices belongs to Immortal Choke artist and purple belt, Billy Hong. Taking to Instagram, Hong announced a fundraiser for various social charities relating to Asian empowerment. 

“A big part of what hurts me is seeing people specifically attacking weaker and more vulnerable people,” Hong said in an Instagram post last week. Wanting to raise money effectively, Hong designed merchandise featuring three different Asian martial artists choking out figures representing hate and racism. The women are featured on shirts, rashguards, masks, and stickers, with 100% of proceeds going to Stop AAPI Hate and the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum. 

Quickly gaining traction, other brands began to throw their hat in the ring to support Hong’s efforts. CBD distributor, Fight Back CBD DM’d Hong promised to donate $1000 to both charities if Hong reached that same amount in merch sales. Midnight the next day, he accomplished just that. 

If you want to grab some top-tier quality merch AND support a worthy cause, head to Hong’s website here to grab some gear before it vanishes on April 4th! 

Gordon Ryan Signs With ONE FC

Perennial headline grabber and ADCC double champ Gordon Ryan is finally making his long-anticipated jump into mixed martial arts. And he’s joining his fellow DDS black belt Garry Tonnon in one of the largest MMA promotions on Earth, ONE FC. 

ONE founder and CEO, Chatri Sityodtong, took to social media to spread the word. 

“BREAKING NEWS: Gordon Ryan has signed with ONE Championship for both mixed martial arts and submission grappling! As the world’s greatest grappler of all time, Gordon joins the planet’s most elite group of active pound-for-pound GOATS in martial arts today!” the post read. No other details, such as compensation or debate date, were disclosed. 

Alongside Tonon, Ryan joins other BJJ luminaries such as Michelle Nicolini and former opponent Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida. 

Should his career take off, a solid run in MMA could cement Ryan’s standing as one of the most well-rounded combat sports athletes in history. 

If only he’d compete in the gi. 

F2W 167 

An epic face-off rocked F2W 167 as Tim Spriggs faced Victor Hugo in the main event. A tight contest to end the night, this bout never faced the judges with a finish in the last minute. 

Hugo started with a guard pull, but Spriggs countered with a kneebar attempt. Hugo defended and went for the reversal as Spriggs tried to create some space to breathe. Finally finding his pace, Spriggs went back on offense with a guillotine as he stood up. Hugo escaped, though, and again put up a solid defense against his fellow black belt. 

Hugo made a brief attempt at wrestling before pulling guard again to hunt for a leg lock at around the three-minute mark. Hugo faced a stiff defense but was eventually able to get a solid bite on Spriggs. Both men went in on Belly Down leg lock attempts, but Hugo was the one to get the tap with 1:04 remaining on the clock. 

Victor Hugo via submission! 

Well, another roundup in the books, folks. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out some of the fantastic new writers who’ve begun posting with us this month! 

See you next week.