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Aces BJJ News Roundup #27: Mikey Beats Geo, Kaynan Smash, Tate Wins

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Salutations, dear readers! Welcome to another exciting edition of the Aces BJJ News Roundup! My name’s Kevin, and I’ll be your guide down the treacherous, wicked road of global combat sports. From the grip-tastic throwdowns of submission grappling to the glitz and glamour of MMA, we’ve got you covered with all you need to know about what the heck is going on.

And what a week this was! We’ll start off with a phenomenal card at this year’s Road to ADCC, followed by the return of a former UFC champion set to make another run at the strap.

Are you ready? 

It doesn’t matter since this is an article, and your ability to influence the proceeding experience isn’t very significant.

Let’s Go!!!

Mikey vs. Geo & Duarte vs. Diniz at Road to ADCC

As ADCC looms on the horizon, several standouts made their intentions clear on the flograppling stage last week. While a different matchup took most people’s attention, the electrifying main event needs some love as well. Atos supersoldier Kaynan Duarte faced off against Marcelo Garcia black belt Matheus Diniz in the main event of RTADCC this past Saturday. In a record-setting finish, the fastest match of the evening still has a lot to dissect.

Duarte kicked things off with a heavy collar tie followed by a foot sweep to end up on top. The difference in size and strength, Duarte having as much as a 17lb weight advantage according to the Hywel Teague, was evident the minute Duarte started making grips. Duarte moved like a glacier, slow and indomitable to try and get the pass, but Diniz locked him into his quarter guard. Duarte then abandoned the pass to go for a leg attack, securing the leg lace as Diniz tried to stand. But in seconds, Duarte got the tap and the win with only two minutes and three seconds having gone by.

It was an amazing match from a five-star grappler and a big statement on his ADCC journey.

Now let’s move to the big drama of the evening, Tenth Planet’s Geo Martinez vs. BJJ Wunderkind Mikey Musumeci. A technical showcase from pillar to post, the grappling displayed almost got overshadowed by trash talk and outrage.

It was a back and forth affair for the ages, with Martinez landing the first offense with a beautiful trip on Musumeci, who then countered with a dead-to-rights armbar. “Pistols at dawn” style leglocks followed, with neither man getting the finish. Musumeci kept attacking nonstop on a seemingly gassed Martinez, still stuck in the match, and forced to jump on a toehold that Musumeci escaped with little fanfare. But for most of the bout, Musumeci locked in heel hooks that hurt my legs just watching.

Unable to get a leglock and with the clock winding down, Musumeci pulled himself into back control with a single hook and attacked the neck. Martinez turtled up, but Musumeci wormed the other hook in and moved to a body triangle. Musumeci squeezed with all his might on an RNC, but Martinez forced his shoulder to the mat to escape danger. The buzzer sounded before Gio could free himself from the floor, and Musumeci was awarded the win via points.

After the match, Musumeci had a visible but brief argument with Martinez before Coach Eddie Bravo intervened. Musumeci then revealed in his post-fight interview that Martinez had been trash-talking him the entirety of their match. These jabs included his speaking Portuguese, among other miscellaneous insults. Musumeci, typically very composed, went off on what he called “low class’ behavior from his fellow black belt.

“I don’t care what skill you have in jiu-jitsu. You carry yourself like that. You shouldn’t be a black belt in jiu-jitsu,” he stated.

The next day, Martinez responded with an Instagram post calling Musumeci “fake” and challenged him to a combat jiu-jitsu match at his earliest convenience.

“…if you’re serious about trying new rule sets, then let’s do a combat jiu-jitsu match. I’ll hit up @eddiebravo10p, and he’ll set it up with no hesitations. And if not, I’ll see you in the ADCC finals,” he wrote.

A very controversial end to a great match.

Meisha Tate Returns

UFC Vegas 31 brought both the end and rebirth to two standout MMA fighters in the women’s division. Former champion Miesha Tate came out of retirement for another title run and faced bantamweight Marion Reneau for what was declared as, ironically, her own retirement match. There’s some symbolism here, maybe a “passing of the torch” analogy to be made, but I’m honestly not that smart. All I know is that this fight was ecstatic and worth a thorough breakdown.

Reneau ate a kick early but responded with good combos undeterred. Tate picked her shots well, showcasing a vet’s mindset and avoiding big shots, but back-to-back rights and then a leg kick from Reneau shifted the round in the eyes of many forcing Tate to shot for a takedown against the cage. She eventually settled for a clinch and fired off knees to the body. A flurry of blows from both women ended when Tate landed the long-sought takedown with an exposed knee from Reneau. She threw some shots from bottom guard and even went for a triangle choke, but Tate passed the guard to the top half as the round ended.

Reneau threw the first kick-off round two, followed by those same significant rights from earlier in the bout. Tate started letting her jab fly and landed another huge takedown almost mid-round to end in top half guard. Reneau threw a kimura attempt, but the seasoned grappler in Tate was unworried and soon stood up from the entanglement. Reneau threw a kick, and Tate took the opportunity to pass for a few juicy elbows. The round ended with Tate inside closed guard landing a few good shots on her opponent from the top position.

Looking the worse for wear, Renau tried in vain to evade Tate’s jabs early in round three until Tate backed her up against the cage, eating up her body with shots before landing her third takedown of the bout. After passing to side control and freeing her head, Tate moved to back mount and exploded from top with strike after unanswered strike. The ref mercifully called it, and Tate was declared winner by TKO at 1:53 in round three. A spectacular return for the former champ and a tremendous fight to bow out to for Reneau.

That’s it for this week! Tune in next time where I grapple with penguins at the south pole to prove the flat earth theory!



Aces BJJ Blog staff writer and BJJ Blue belt under Edward "Scissor Hands" Berberich of Soulcraft BJJ. Kevin has been training BJJ for four years and complaining about Star Wars for over 20. Follow him on Instagram @kbrads_bjj

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