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Aces BJJ News Roundup #27: Joe Schilling Brawl, Hulk Wins While Unconscious, Kyle Boehm Takes SUG Tourney

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Another week in the books, which means it’s time once again to peer deep into the well of Combat Sports media to find what events shaped the goings-on of our favorite pastime. That’s right, folks, it’s another fresh edition of the Aces BJJ News Roundup!

Here we compile and analyze the craziest stories of the last seven days so you can stay informed at the water cooler as gossip flies through the air. This time, a few choice bits, with a Bellator vet getting into a viral bar brawl with a very drunk opponent, also had a BJJ black belt win a match while unconscious straight up Arrhichion-style (but not really). And we can’t go on without bringing up the impressive performance of a 10th Planet standout at Submission Underground 24.

A lot of news and a lot of typing to follow. Let’s break it down!

Joe Schilling KO’s Drunk Bar Patron

In a world where more and more people are learning martial arts, it’s never been a more dangerous time to be “That Guy” at your local pub. After a video emerged this past Monday of Bellator vet and former GLORY kickboxer Joe Schilling quickly and brutally knocking out a man, that sentiment was made more apparent in a Fort Lauderdale bar Sunday evening following their short verbal exchange. 

The seemingly intoxicated man, later identified by as 31-year-old busboy Justin Balboa, was filmed hobbling around the bar when he accidentally bumped into a passing Schilling. Balboa then seemed to say something to the fighter, who threw a jab cross to send the man tumbling to the floor.

The sudden escalation from a professional face-puncher raised. Schilling himself alluded to possible racist remarks from Balboa and a sense of being threatened in a now-deleted Instagram post days later.

“Self-defense is apparently not what this country is about anymore, 🤷🏻‍♂️ don’t trip. I got the video love you guys, thanks for the concern and support during my life-threatening experience. Big shout out to @theyardmuaythai for preparing me for this life-threatening situation #fuckracists,” the post read.

According to statements from the bar manager, Balboa is a frequent customer who regularly causes problems related to his alcohol consumption. Regarding the incident, the manager remarked about a possible “…improper  remark about the girlfriend/wife of the male who had struck him, which caused the fight to escalate.”

With possible criminal charges on the table, we here at Aces BJJ News will follow this story as it continues to develop.

Hulk Wins Despite Going To Sleep

In the history of grappling, unexpected wins are often enshrined as tentpoles of competition. We can go back to the ancient Olympics, for example, when pankration fighter Arrhichion died defending his title by forcing his opponent to tap to an ankle lock right as he succumbed to a rear-naked choke. This next story is like that, but lame.

Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa faced off against Matheus Diniz at the electric BJJ Stars 6 this past week. With remarkable records between the two, folks were on the edge of their seats as the main event began.

Barbosa went heavy on takedowns for much of the match, but Diniz sprawled and otherwise defended by going out of bounds beautifully. But in the final minute, Barbosa landed a crucial takedown before Diniz leapt back to his feet after a reset.

The grapplers used much of the mat wrestling on their feet, with Barbosa’s takedown attempts being shut down by Diniz’s sprawls or causing the match to go out of bounds. But with about 90 seconds left, the action picked up as Barbosa succeeded in taking Diniz to the ground and rushing to his back as Diniz got back to his feet.

After a center reset, Barbosa could eventually take Diniz’s back to secure points before he escaped. On the boards, with moments to go, it appeared the Hulk had secured the win before disaster struck. Diniz arm dragged to the back of a furiously resisting Barbosa and sunk in an RNC. He squeezed like he wanted Hulk’s head to pop off as the buzzer sounded, ending the match.

But as Diniz disengaged, it was revealed that Barbosa had been put unconscious by the choke. Despite this, the judges’ deliberation found that Barbosa had only gone out after the bell sounded and was thus awarded the win on points.

A bizarre end to an otherwise exciting match-up. What do you all think? Should Arrhichion’s Olympic win be overturned?

Kyle Boehm Wins SUG 24 Tournament

10th Planet Competitor and enjoyer of mushrooms Kyle Boehm took home high honors this week after dominating the eight-man tournament of Submission Underground 24 with two submissions in the opening matches. The black belt faced stiff competition from Renato Tagliari and Tanner Weisgram before making his way to the finals. Paired with Gracie Barra representative Pedro Marinho, Boehm showcased his well-rounded game to get the W in OT.

Boehm Kicked off by sitting to guard and defending the knee-cut pass from Marinho. Marinho then flipped the script by sitting on a leglock attempt that Boehm defended and countered with a lock of his own. Marinho bailed and resumed his guard passing attempts but stalled for the majority of regulation. As the clock wound down to the minute mark, Boehm stood and went for a flying triangle before falling back to playing guard. Aside from a few half-hearted leg attacks from Marinho, the match went by uneventfully as the buzzer sounded.

Winning the coin toss, Boehm allowed Marinho to start with an armbar attempt. Boehm quickly rolled out and stacked, getting the escape in just under 30 seconds.

Opting for a back take, Boehm transferred to the body triangle and threaded the RNC. With little fanfare, Marinho gave up the tap at 1:14 to award Boehm the $10,000 win. For those worried about not getting to see Boehm perform for a while, worry not! He’ll be back at it against male absolute champ and franchise star Mason Fowler at SUG 25 on July 18.

That’s all for this week, folks! Tune in next time to read about my journey to meet the secret BJJ masters who live on the moon! Until next week’s Aces BJJ News Roundup!



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