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Aces BJJ News Roundup #26: McGregor Breaks Leg, Mikey to Face Geo, and F2W Results

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Hello one and all, and welcome back to another exciting edition of the Aces BJJ News Roundup! Here we dissect and discuss all the latest news in the world of professional” punchy punch” and “grabby grab” of the past week or so, and boy, do we have a fun one for you today!

We start with the crazy conclusion to the McGregor/Poirier trilogy at last weekend’s UFC event, a show full of interesting matchups but dominated by one huge moment. Shoutout to Sean O’Malley and Gilbert Burns for impressive performances that stood out despite the spectacle (#dontfirewonderboy). 

Then a dynamite announcement in Nick Diaz’s return and a dominant showcase at the latest F2W event round out this week’s coverage.

You were wondering why no Paul/Woodley press conference news? It was boring, and the trash talk was weak. There’s your update.

Waste not want not, so let’s jump right in and sip some tea!

McGregor Loses Trilogy to Poirier, Future in Question

(JoJo fans, a part 4 joke awaits you shortly.)

Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier took the 2-1 victory in his trilogy against former UFC champion turned whiskey-salesman Conor McGregor at the UFC 264 main event this past Saturday. And despite a dominant performance from Poirier in the first round, it would be McGregor’s “misstep” (LOL, get it) that ended the fight a bit early. 

The buzzer sounded, and McGregor got off to a solid start with a new game plan. Firing off spinning back kicks to the body, McGregor took the lead on a surprised Poirier. Only momentarily dazed by the new strategy, Poirier returned fire with a kick followed by a huge right. After exchanging kicks with the Irishman, Poirier stunned McGregor with a combo against the cage and forced him to clinch.

McGregor followed a knee to the body with a guillotine attempt, but Poirier quickly moved to the defensive side to stop the choke. Mcgregor tried to retain his guard, and Poirier unloaded with elbows from above. A defensive McGregor responded with elbows and a kick from the bottom before trying one more unsuccessful guillotine attempt.

Poirier disengaged, and McGregor followed him back to his feet. The two exchanged a few more combos before tragedy struck. In the final moments of the round, McGregor stepped backward and caused his left ankle to snap, folding at an angle under his weight. Howling in pain, he stumbled to the floor as a merciless Poirier let loose with strikes as the bell closed the round.

With McGregor unable to continue the fight or even stand, Poirier was awarded the TKO win.

A sad end was made even sadder by McGregor’s conduct following the loss. Sitting against the cage for his fairly bad taste, interview with Joe Rogan, McGregor did everything except take the L gracefully.

“In your sleep, you’re getting it; in your sleep, you’re dead, you and your Mrs, it ain’t over,” McGregor said. With UFC President Dana White as well as Poirier himself expressing interest in another rematch, we’ll likely see these two go for four sometime in the future.

Since Poirier’s legs didn’t snap, I guess you could say the Diamond is Unbreakable 🙂

Nick Diaz Returns to Face Robby Lawler

I’m a North Eastern snob, but today it’s all STOCKTON 209 BABYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Former UFC title challenger and well-known plant-enthusiast Nick Diaz is set to make his long-awaited return to MMA with an old rival. Fellow fan favorite and former champion Robby Lawler will face Diaz in a five-round bout at UFC 266 on September 25.

Absent since his 2015 match against Anderson Silva, Diaz has been kept from competition due to several Cannabis-related run-ins with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and other communication issues with the UFC. Conversely, Lawler has had several high-profile bouts since their first contest 17 years ago, namely becoming UFC champion, winning a hall of fame war with Rory McDonald, and losing a controversial stoppage to Ben Askren, to name a few. Though their first battle ended with a win for Diaz, perhaps the now more-active Lawler will have the edge this time around.

But this card isn’t done yet. Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovskiand and Modelo’s own Brian Ortega, current Ultimate Fighter coaches, will be competing for the strap in the main event, and Valentina Shevchenko will be defending the Women’s Flyweight title against Lauren Murphy. So, needless to say, it’s a stacked affair.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some Diaz highlights to fawn over.

F2W 176 Main Event: Edwin Ocasio vs. Carlos Oliveira

Another star-studded F2W is in the books with a fire main event to go over. Unity Black Belt and F2W Champ Edwin “Juny” Ocasio faced off against GF Team representative Carlos “Bebeto” Oliviera for the 135 lb NoGi Championship Belt. With a close back and forth through the entire regulation, it was a solid note to end the show on.

Starting with the classic double guard pull, Oliveira was the first to stand and work the passing game. Ocasio inverted to try a leg attack, but Oliviera stepped out to avoid danger. This back and forth continued for a few minutes until Ocasio finally found the leg for the submission attempt. Oliviera rolled out to escape again and returned to fighting for a pass. Oliviera attacked with a solid kneebar attempt, but Ocasio defended as the clock rolled on.

Oliviera went for an Estima lock, but Ocasio responded with a leg attack that forced him to go defensive. Roughly four minutes left, and both men reset after finding the mat edge. Oliviera went back to passing attempts, but neither men landed any more offensives before the clock rang out and the match ended.

Ocasio Retained his NoGi title with the judges’ decision, and a fabulous night of grappling was had by all.

That’s it for this week! Lots of cool stuff to look forward to, so you’ll know we’ll be busy bees here at the office. Tune in next time to hear about the time I was accidentally good at BJJ!



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