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Aces BJJ News Roundup #26: Korean Zombie Earns Black Belt, Orlando Sanchez Clarifies Sean Strickland Altercation and More News From the BJJ World

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Greetings, one and all loyal readers! Kevin B here with a fresh installment of your go-to weekly combat sports, news cheat sheet, the Aces BJJ News Roundup! Here we dissect and discuss the latest goings-on in the sports we all love. Whether it’s boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, or MMA, we’re the place to get up-to-date info on the whole shebang.

We’ve got another full week of news and fights to break down for you all, including BJJ prodigy Mica Galvao’s absolute murder spree this weekend, Orlando Sanchez’s accidental slap fight, and a majot belt promotion inside the UFC octagon.

No time for dawdling. We’ve got stories to tell!

Korean Zombie Earns Black Belt

Everyone lookout. The zombie has a black belt!

A legend in the world of modern martial arts, Chan Sung Jung’s “The Korean Zombie” has long been a fan favorite in the UFC. A BJJ practitioner, Jung’s ground game has earned him a 47% submission rate in his professional career. Though not adding to that statistic, his most recent fight night bout against Dan Ige was enough to earn Jung his new rank.

Jung started the main event controlled, throwing a low kick and avoiding heavy damage from Ige. An uppercut from Ige failed, and Jung responded with a takedown right into passing attempts. Getting to half guard, Jung wasn’t able to get off many strikes before Ige escaped near the final minute of the round.

Jung’s takedown game was strong over the fight, landing three out of five takedown attempts and defending against all four of Ige’s. In addition, Jung went for several submissions and paired top and back control with strikes to the face and body. These attacks never cost him a significant amount of his control, makings his promotion all the more appropriate.

The fifth round was just as explosive as the first, with Jung nearly taking the back against the cage after eating a few big shots from Ige. Ige shot for a takedown, then reshot after the Zombie defended the first and sprawled to get free, but not before eating another uppercut from Ige on the dismount. Ige tried yet another takedown, but Jung not only sprawled to secured back control with a body triangle. Ige defended the choke and was able to run out the clock before the unanimous decision went to Jung.

With a new record of 17-6, the Korean Zombie was presented with his black belt by BJJ coach Santino Defranco following the post-fight interview.

“I’m super happy with the win, but I’m really happy with receiving my black belt,” Jung told MMA Junkie through a translator in the press conference. “I don’t roll in the gi as much, but I’ve rolled no-gi so much that I love the sport. I’m super thankful to Santino Defranco, my jiu-jitsu coach, for giving me my black belt today.”

Congrats to Jung for his well-earned promotion!

Orlando Sanchez Clarifies Sean Strickland Altercation

Never piss off the Cuban tree Trunk.

ADCC Champ and Gracie Barra instructor Orlando Sanchez was recorded during a post-sparring altercation with UFC fighter Sean Strickland last week. Sanchez put on a quick standing shoulder lock at the start of the roll, and Strickland responded with a back fist and a front kick on the black belt. Heated words followed, with Strickland accusing Sanchez of being “dirty,” among other charges. Rather than continue the brawl, a confused Sanchez only asked what the issue was as Strickland left the gym. 

Sanchez recently sat down with FloGrappling to clarify what went down. “We’re gonna turn this into an MMA match if you keep running your mouth,” Strickland said as he exited the area.

“Everyone thinks it was like a training camp video, and I was his training partner,” Orlando said. “I’d never even heard of the guy.” Already teaching at the RUCA training center when Sean came in, Sanchez recalls the fighter running his mouth about various subjects throughout his training session. Later, Sean’s coach said that he and Orlando should spar during their wrestling rounds, to which Orlando agreed.

“Regardless of who you are or what you’ve done, I’m still gonna beat the f*** out of you,” Sanchez recalls Strickland saying.

Spoiler: He did not.

According to a new report from the Jiu-Jitsu Times, sources close to Strickland claim that the fighter is a notorious gym pest. They claim that many gyms have removed him due to dangerous/disrespectful behavior, and he needs to drive several hours each week to find places to train.

This bizarre episode is yet another lesson on why you never want to be that asshole in the gym.

Mica Galvao Destroys the World

In pro BJJ, young phenoms and incredible prodigies are seemingly more common than blades of grass. The sport is full of people younger than 12 who could kill me without issue. But when one of these kids has a breakout weekend, boy, is it something to see.

17-year-old Mica Galvao performed back to back at F2W and 3CG this past weekend in dominant performances at both. Tearing through some of the best competitors in the world today, the young athlete put all other challengers on notice.

Kicking off at WNO, Galvao first put on an electric performance over Oliver Taza. Taking advantage of Taza’s guard pulling to pass guard early, Galvao dominated the rest of the match with takedowns and solid defense against the ADCC veteran. Taza returned with a takedown before the five-minute mark, but Galvao scrambled back to his feet to resume attacking. Ultimately, more attacks from the back and top control delivered the win to Galvao by judges’ decision.

No time for rest, onto 3CG 7!

Galvao tore through the next day’s $15,000 Middleweight Grand Prix with no signs of wear from his last event. Finishing Studio 84’s John Combs via guillotine in round one and Pedro Rocha via heel hook in round two, one would be forgiven for forgetting that the teenager had recently competed in a 15-minute war. 

Advancing to the finals, Galvao made lightning-quick work of the always-game Pedro Marinho with a straight arm lock. Tired of rolling, Galvao locked up the submission after a failed knee-cut pass from Marinho and got the tap in just over two minutes.

This weekend, the world belongs to Mica Galvao.
That’s it for this edition gang! For more fun stuff new to the site, please check out our inaugural podcast featuring the legendary Robert Drysdale!



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