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Aces BJJ News Roundup #25: Fight To Win 173 and UFC 263

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Greetings one and all, and welcome to the newest addition of the Aces BJJ News Roundup! We’ve got a packed article ready for your hungry eyes, so get prepared to dig in for a full course feast.

Brandon Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo stole the show at UFC 263 this past weekend, crowning a new champ after a spectacular submission win, and F2W 173 brought us tons of action from Paulo Miyao and Lucas Pinheiro. There is a smorgasbord of violent news to devour, and it won’t serve itself!

UFC 263

We mentioned the big co-main already, but 263 was chock full of incredible performances from some MMA greats this past Saturday. And while we play favorites with submission wins, we must also show love to the other big fights on the card.

Leon Edwards shook off the controversy of his last “no-contest via eye-poke” bout against Belal Muhamed at UFC Fight Night last March in a dynamic match against the always game Nate Diaz. Edwards dominated most of the fight, landing big shots and nullifying Diaz’s infamous ground game while landing all the takedowns in the contest. 

Going into round five, it looked like we may see Edwards stop Diaz dead in his tracks. Unfortunately, Diaz remembered that he’s Diaz and landed one of the most emphatic shots of the night, rocking Edwards on his feet and nearly putting him out. Diaz this opportunity to point at Edwards, choosing not to press the advantage allowing him to recover. The buzzer sounded, and the judges awarded Edwards the obvious decision win. 

Much press was made over Diaz not advancing for the finish in the final seconds, but understanding Nate’s thought process is a bit beyond my pay grade. “Wish I Would Have Took His Ass the F–k Out,” Diaz told MMA Fighting’s, Damon Martin.

Congrats to Edwards on maintaining one of the longest active win streaks in the UFC!

The main event was similarly entertaining. Israel Adesanya continued his reign as Middleweight Champion with a dominant win over Martin Vettori in the main event. Adesanya defended takedowns and brutalized Vettori’s lead leg over five rounds, showcasing a control only a repeat champion can obtain. Late fight butt-slaps aside, Adesanya was a typical professional inside the cage with his eyes already fixed on his next opponent.

“The old Aussie, my archnemesis, Bobby Knuckles [Robert Whittaker],” Adesanya told Joe Rogan in his post-fight interview. “I knocked him out that first night, and I don’t know what’s gonna happen with all this COVID s–t, but let’s run that back in Auckland.”

Since knocking out Whittaker back at UFC 243 in 2019 (dang, it feels like a decade ago now), the fans have been clamoring for a sequel to their contest. Racking up a three-fight win-streak against the division’s best and brightest, Whittaker is now the clear choice in everyone’s mind for the next title shot. All I can say is yes, please inject that match right into my brain stem. 

And now, onto UFC history for the flyweight division. Brandon, “The Assassin Baby” Moreno, entered the bout as a newly-minted black belt and betting underdog. Failing in his last effort against then-champion Figueiredo, Moreno still entered the octagon with the hopes of being the first Mexican-born UFC Champion. The first round played heavy on the feet, with Moreno’s ferocious output causing Figueiredo to look for the clinch and stay outside with kicks. Moreno sent Figueiredo down with a left hook and unloaded with ground and pound as the champ struggled to retain guard. A scrabble let Figueiredo stand back up, and the round ended before more action could commence.

Round two began much better for Figueiredo, with solid combos and an early takedown ending with him on top. But Moreno soon reversed the scramble to bear hug Figueiredo’s back against the cage once both men were standing. Throwing a few knees first, Moreno was able to take the champ down and advance to back control. Figueiredo quickly escaped, however, and started peppering Moreno with elbows from bottom closed guard. A few scrabble back to the feet repeated the process, with Moreno landing a takedown but ending in closed guard before the buzzer sounded again.

Round three began with significant strikes from both men, neither looking any slower on the feet compared to round one. Moreno followed up an overhand right with a body lock takedown on Figueiredo, the champ spinning as he fell. Moreno once again went for the back but quickly locked in a body triangle this time to secure his position. Moreno broke apart Figueiredo’s defense with a few shots to the head, allowing him to lock in the RNC. The champ put up a brave effort, but soon after Moreno locked in the choke, he gave up the tap. And thus, Brandon Moreno became the new UFC Flyweight Champion.

If you feel like having a good cry, watch his post-fight reactions to winning—heartwarming stuff.

Paulo Miyao Wins at F2W 173

Seth Daniels’ fun-factory churned out another fantastic night for BJJ fans worldwide. The un-leglockable Paulo Miyao took on fellow Pans Champion Lucas Pinheiro, and F2W vet Kendall Reusing took on former Worlds champ Talita Nogueira in the main and co-main events.

Miyao immediately sat to guard, grabbing Pinheiro’s sleeves for the lasso. Miyao pulled a berimbolo, and Pinheiro looked to attack the legs in response but couldn’t get a good bite. A reset followed after the two found the edge, and Pinheiro attacked the leg again as Miyao positioned on top. Miyao then inverted to free his leg from Pinheiro’s attack, initiating a scramble before a second reset.

Miyao returned to playing guard to nullify Pinheiro’s attacks causing Pinheiro to stall trying to pass, and Miyao capitalized to try taking the back. The classic “dueling toehold” scenario followed, the rolling black belts needing to be reset a third time when they found the edge. After a final reset, both men closed out the match going in on ankle locks on each other before the bell rang. Miyao won the evening by split decision.

That’s all for today, folks! Tune in next time to hear about how I plan to submit a jellyfish in an ADCC Superfight!



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