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Aces BJJ News Roundup #21: Maia Returns, Kaynan Wins 3CG And Cat Zingano Forms Charity Fund

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The month of frivolity and mirth marches on, drawing us closer to the season where gis become even more drenched in sweat and chokes become easier to slip out of. It’s almost Summer, baby, and we’re here for yet another Aces BJJ News Roundup!

A lighter week, to be sure, we’ll be covering the courageous efforts of a UFC legend, a highly anticipated matchup, and the dominance of one Atos competitor at the recent Third Coast Grappling show. 

It’s hot out, I’m tired, and my back hurts. Let’s do this!

Cat Zingano Forms Charity Fund

Women’s MMA trailblazer and former UFC title contender Cat Zingano is throwing her name behind a good cause.

The Bellator freshman has partnered with, an organization that aids students in debt, to set up a $10,000 scholarship for, as per their official press release, “A student who is fighting through the loss of a loved one and needs financial support for their education as they move forward.”

Zingano referenced her struggles with losing loved ones as a motivator behind the partnership. Zingano lost her mother to cancer in 2005, and her husband succumbed to depression in 2014. Taking to Instagram, Zingano posted the following about the scholarship:

“I know first-hand how hard losing a loved one can be. The devastation and difficulty to follow is oftentimes life-changing. Over time, I have had some support that has helped me process and provided me ways to be able to keep fighting. Most of all, I am lucky enough to have the inspiration of being a Mom to my son.  

I want to give back to those who may be in need of some support.  So, I’ve partnered with @bolddotorg to launch the Cat Zingano Overcoming Loss Scholarship.  We’ll award $10,000 to a student who has lost a loved one and needs some financial help for their education as they move forward. 

Go to or click on the link tree in my bio and please share this with anyone who may want or need to apply.  

We can help each other as we all fight on.”

Zingano is set to fight Olivia Parker at Bellator 256 this Friday.

Kaynan Duarte Wins 3CG6

The lone star state continues to showcase top-shelf BJJ courtesy of 3CG. Grappling superstars to the mats for a night of sweeps, chokes, and social media trolling thereafter.

Kaynan Duarte, 3CG vet and Atos standout took the night with his defeat of Victor Hugo in the main event. Both men defeating ace competitors Mason Fowler and Nicky Rod, respectively, their final standoff came in with nuclear heat.

Hugo opened with a guard pull, but Duarte quickly countered with a leg lock attempt. Hugo reversed with his own leg attack, and both men went in on legs for a bit. Standing up soon after, Hugo pulled guard, and Duarte attempted to pass once again. This back and forth took us into overtime.

OT kicked off with Duarte attempting to pass Hugo’s closed guard, and Hugo went in on a Kimura. Both men pushed for the majority of OT, with Duarte standing in the final minute. Hugo failed a sweep and was forced into open guard. Duarte stepped forward and went to take Hugo’s back. With one hook in, both men were reset before they rolled off the mat. Duarte went back to passing open guard, but Hugo locked up a calf slicer before losing it. 

Unfortunately for him, the buzzer sounded, and the match went to the decision. Duarte took home the W and the prize money.

Here’s hoping these two run it back ASAP!

Demian Maia VS Bella Muhammad

Demian Maia and Belal Muhammad will face one another on June 12 at UFC 263. The welterweight bout will feature on the card with a flyweight champion rematch between Deiveson Figueiredo and Brandon Moreno. A location and venue have not yet been announced, and the main event is currently unknown.

The 2007 ADCC champ, Maia, had a three-fight win streak broken in his last bout against recent title challenger Gilbert Burns. A legendary submission artist, the 41-year-old, indicated an end to his career could be coming sooner rather than later.

Muhammad, similarly, had his most recent bout against Leon Edwards stopped via illegal eye poke. The fight ended in an NC, with many shaming Edward’s for his illegal strike and subsequent refusal for a rematch breaking a four-fight win streak for the competitor.

Will Maia start one last streak for his career? Will Muhammad end the former champ for good? Whatever the case, this match is one to watch.

That’s all for this week, be sure to tip your waiters on the way out!



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